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All of our presentations aim to increase your staff/or members awareness of technology and the internet and how they could be making better use of computers in their business or at home.

A small sample of Melissa's speaking topics are outlined below. All presentations booked are tailored to the individual content and time constraints of the organisation. See also Workshops.

  • Technology, Who Needs it?!
    Technology update for novice computer users. Brief overview of computer hardware, computer software, the internet, websites and where to find computer help and training.

  • Starting your Web Presence
    Many businesses have gone online just because everyone else is. This is the wrong reason and why many websites fail. This presentation aims to arm you with the information necessary to properly plan your website before launching it. To avoid wasting time and money, you need to be properly informed and decide on your aims and requirements before you begin.

  • Making your Website Work
    6 Keys to success, Some of the reasons why business websites fail to achieve what they had hoped, How to audit your website and improve the content so that your visitors go past the front page, how to track the visitors to your site, how to improve your search engine ranking and other ways to market your website.

  • Using the Net for Business Success
    This presentation challenges the audience to think creatively about how they can use the internet as an integral business tool for daily productivity, communication, research, developing a website and email marketing. How can we service customers better, cost-effectively and faster through technology? The internet is a communication tool that should be an integral part of your marketing plan. It enables advertising, distribution of information, communicating and maintaining relationships with existing customers and generating product sales.

  • The Power of Email Marketing
    Effective Email Marketing is about having fast, accurate and precise online communications with your target audience. It is about having one-to-one contact to capture, keep in touch with and retain your clients. Using email marketing helps your business to achieve better customer retention and optimise sales potential throughout the client life cycle.

  • Using the Internet for School Projects
    Using resources and reference materials on the internet for school projects; Effectively searching for information online; Judging the reliability of sources; Referencing websites in your bibliography.

  • Is the Internet Safe?
    Personal privacy online; Internet banking; Paying your bills online; Shopping online; Filtering and restricting harmful websites from young children; Protecting against viruses.

  • Finding What You Need Online
    Using search engines and directories; What is the difference between a search engine and a directory; How they work; Finding what you're looking for on the vast and growing world wide web.

  • The Internet & Society
    This workshop aims to provoke discussion and debate about how the internet is changing the way we carry out everyday tasks, how it is effecting the way we live and interact and the positive and negative impacts of the internet.

  • Who's Online in Your Local Community
    Covering the local personal, community, government, retail and service businesses that are online in your local community and how to seek and make use of what they have to offer.

The length and content of all these presentations can be customised to suit your program requirements.

For more information phone +61 3 9816 3488 or complete the online enquiry form.

You make it sound so easy even for someone like myself who is not technologically minded.

Maree Harris,
Director, People Empowered
Seminar "The Power of Email Marketing"

"Thank you for your participation in our Ecommerce Program. All small business owners who participated in the program benefited from your presentation skills, knowledgeable and one-on-one advice.

The 4 x 3 hour workshops were ideal to present in sequence and catered to the different situations and skill levels of the participants. The high level of the presentation content and workbooks provided participants with useful information and tools to take away, implement and keep for future reference.

Participants rated the program highly and appreciated the interactive way in which you presented each session. I look forward to working with you again at future Nillumbik Shire events."

Julie French,
Business Development Coordinator, Nillumbik Shire Council
4 x 3 hour Workshops "Technology, Who Needs It?!", "Starting Your Web Presence", "Making your Website Work" and "Using the Net for Business Success"

"I enjoyed the audience interaction and hands-on practical exercises which helped me relate the concepts you discussed to our school community.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other schools or business owners starting a website."

Karilyn Gumley,
Literacy Co-ordinator, Our Lady of the Pines
Workshop "Starting Your Web Presence"

"After your presentation I have been able to bring many different ideas and thoughts back to the office, and am now able to put this into practical use. Your motivation and encouragement helped me to have confidence in making our website really work."

Andriena Green,
Conference Manager, Professional Conference Services
Workshop "Making Your Website Work"

"The group appreciated your presentation and I have received very positive feedback from those who attended the meeting.

Many of our presentations revolve around issues impacting on the accounting profession, in particular, compliance and business issues. Your presentation topic was a refreshing change and your style was friendly and enthusiastic.

Your talk was filled with useful tips on how to make the most of the internet for daily use and for generating business through websites and email marketing."

Phillip Seigel CPA,
CPA Australia, Computer Systems Group
Presentation "Using the Net for Business Success"

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